The RERA Portal is seeking to provide contents related to information or services to all users; to this end, the portal has been designed and implemented in line with the highest international standards as recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and based on world’s leading practices, in order to improve the features of easy access to the portal.

RERA Portal is subject to a regular evaluation process to determine the extent of compliance with the standards and principles of accessibility and browsing. If you encounter any problems during your use or browsing of the portal, please click on "Contact Us" button at the bottom of the page to send your comments and suggestions, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Compatibility of RERA Portal with Internet browsers
RERA Portal is compatible with web browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari and other major Internet browsers. We advise you to update the browser you use on a regular basis to maintain better levels of protection and enable technical features that distinguish the latest versions of browsers.

Users with Special Needs
Driven by end-user needs, RERA Portal has been designed in a way to enable all users, including special needs group, to access and use the internet.
Users who are visually impaired can read the contents in this portal using screen-reading software, and the following are some free programms that can be downloaded and used:

Zoom In
RERA website is responsive, so you can use your browsers Zoom In/Zoom Out function to view the page in larger fonts.

PDF Files
In order to be able to view and download PDF files such as brochures, reports, forms, etc., you can download Acrobat Reader for free through the following link.