The successful implementation of RERA is in everybody’s interest. Everybody has a stake in real estate – from homeowners, government, investors, developers, brokers, sales agents, valuers and property managers to engineers, lawyers, accountants and building contractors.

Message from the CEO

Real Estate Regulation Law 27, 2017 represents a qualitative leap that reflects the high priority the government gives to this sector. This law comes in line with keeping up with the steady and high growth and development that the real estate sector witnessed as a result of the comprehensive reform scheme initiated by His Majesty the King.

RERA with the support and guidance of the Board of Directors under the leadership of His Excellency Sheikh Salman Bin Abdullah Al Khalifa, Chairman of RERA and President of (Survey Land Registration Bureau) SLRB, will strive hard to achieve its objectives. These include enhancing the efficiency of the market and the real estate services in order to safeguard the interest of consumers, investors and all stakeholders in the real estate market which in turn will lead to growing the local economy by attracting foreign investment.

Initially RERA will focus on new developments and licensing of real estate service providers that come under the control of the new RERA law. When fully operational, RERA will strengthen real estate practices, drive consumer confidence in a well-functioning property market, ensure developments are financially viable, consumers are protected, and an enforcement process is in place to maintain the highest standards in real estate practice.

We are working together towards building a better Bahrain.

His Excellency Shaikh Mohammed bin Khalifa Al Khalifa
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) - Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA)