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Property Managers

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Under Law 27 of 2017 all Property Managers operating in Bahrain must be licensed by RERA. A transition period will run until 5 January 2019 to allow existing property managers to comply with the new regulations and apply for a license.

Apply for a Property Manager License as an Individual

Individuals can apply online through IGA Portal.

It is important to check the list of required documents and to have the documents ready before commencing online submission.

The application process takes approximately five working days
Apply Online

Ongoing Obligations of License Property Managers

The Ongoing obligations of the licensed property manager will include the following:

  • Complying with the RERA Code of Conduct.
  • Carrying out work impartially and honestly.
  • Displaying License details in the office, on letters, business cards etc.
  • A property manager shall not represent a client if he has an interest in the activities of that client that limits the impartiality the property manager (see more details in Article 24 of the Resolution.)
  • Periodic reporting – the licensee must provide periodic reports to RERA of details of all contracts for the management and operation of real estate properties. This includes:     
  • names of parties;
  • date and term of contract;
  • nature of service provided;
  • contract price;
  • details of any disclosed conflict of interest.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

  • RERA will arrange the required training courses.
  • The holder of a full license – must complete the RERA Certificate in Property Management (PM). This is a twenty-hour course of study plus exam incorporating modules specifically on real estate regulatory requirements in Bahrain.
  • The Holder of a full PM License & Owners Association responsibilities – complete the RERA Certificate in Property Management and the Owners Association certification modules (Community Association Institute) 
  • Transitional License – Applicants with less than 3 years’ experience complete the Certificate in Property Management within 12 months to apply for a full license.
  • New Entrants - An applicant with no qualification or relevant experience must complete the Foundation in Property Management and may then apply for a Transitional License and complete the Certificate in Property Management.

Licensed Property Managers

Please click on RERA Licensing Services on through the link given below and choose accredited licenses from the services listed and profession type as Property managers to view the list of RERA licensed Property managers.