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The requirements to operate as a sales agent are specific and in line with international best practices in the sector. Sales Agents will be required to affiliate with a RERA licensed broker and to hold a sales agent license in order to sell property in Bahrain.

  • Self-employed Sales Agents must be affiliated to a RERA licensed Broker, before applying for a Sales Agent license.
  • Sales Agents who are employees of a Broker must also hold a RERA Sales Agent license.
  • Code of Conduct: Sales Agents are obliged to comply with the RERA Code of Conduct.

There are 2 options to apply for a RERA license:

  • Apply online and upload all supporting documents, by following the links below.
  • Print out the PDF Application Form, collect all your documents and visit us at RERA (SLRB Building, 10th Floor).

Apply as Real Estate Sales Agent

Individuals can apply online or in person by filling the following forms and accompanying templates and submitting them to RERA.

It is important to read the instructions carefully, to check the list of documents required and to have the documentation ready before commencing the applications process. 

The application process takes approximately five days. Unfortunatelly incomplete applications cannot be processed.

Apply Online

Licensed Sales Agents

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